Editing, Engineering and Construction

The report has been completed with the given grade of 31/100. The main reason is because of the calculations and the lack of critical analysis. I sorted out the calculations which should pick up the grade to 52/100, However, there is a lack of in-depth critical analysis of 700 words on the two airlines\’ financial performance, comparing and contrasting the two. The overall assignment needs to achieve a minimum of 70/100. This report may also need some grammar check, proofreading and maybe structure adjustment. In order to understand the full assignment, and how to critically analyze the work, please look at the \’Assignment brief\’ attached\’. I have also attached the feedback given by my lecturer titled as \’Report feedback\’, which includes his comments all the way at the bottom of the document. The Report which needs the additional 700 words added to it is titled \’Report\’. Thank you very much for your help.
Instruction files

assignment_brief.docx(28,17 KiB)
report.docx(69,46 KiB)
report_feedback.pdf(2,40 MiB)

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