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For this assignment you will write a 7-10 page research essay. The objective in writing this inquiry-based research essay might not be like other research essays youve ever written. In an inquiry-based essay, the development of a research question is the foundation of the essay. This question will guide you wherever seeking answers and information takes you.

You are investigating and possibly raising additional questions, rather than providing a definitive answer or argument from one side or another. You will also not just be summarizing or reporting information. Therefore, the careful formulation of a solid research question about your topic is crucial to ensure your inquiry will be effective.

Once your research question is finalized, you will conduct extensive inquiry into the potential implications, conclusions, information gaps and significance of your research question. You will seek connections between the information you discover during your research and the potential significance to your topic, identified audiences, and further inquiry.

Essays without citations will not be accepted.
Be based on inquiry-based research (think back to report vs. essay)
Include the following sources: 1) Field notes or an observation you conduct and/or an interview you conduct with a relevant source. 2) At least 4 academic sources 3) At least 3 popular media sources (these must still be credible)
Your thorough research of multiple sources, and full analysis of your findings, will be the foundation from which you develop your essay. Your sources should be used as evidence to support, contradict, or expand your ideas, and your essay must include extensive analysis around the question you explore.
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