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This is new thesis something that I already talked to the teacher about. \”Even though the education system in the country has come a long a way, but it is not a fair system for all, working class kids, who dont get to pursue their education goals of their choice, and that leads to underdeveloped brains, disappointment, and imbalance in the society\”. I got a \”C\” on this paper. The feedback from the instructor was that the paper lacked organization and structure also grammar. i have two physics and a calculus exam and don\’t really have time to edit it myself. Also, i can\’t use quotes from any outside source.
Added on 23.10.2016 01:27
The topic of the essay is Inequality of education in America.
The sources we were allowed to use were \” Don\”t send your kid to the Ivy league(William Deresiewicz) , \”Pedagogy of the Oppressed\”by Paulo Freire,
\”Social class and the hidden curriculum(anyon) , \”Still separate still unequal\”(Kozol), \”Education and the structure crisis of capital(foster) , Education is not the solution (Baker)

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