Editing, Finance and Accounting

sources\” should be redone using 10 sources, research questions and objectives should be edited. Sample size for interview 10 persons, small business owners. Sources will be used: Perth and Kinross Council annual reports and databases, Business Gateway databases, Perth and Kinross Economic Journal and other sources of statistic.
Here a bit from the feedback: The committees comments were that the background requires rewording as parts are unclear. In research objectives you mention official resources – what are these?, which statistical databases?, what area of business performance? You need to ensure your objectives are really clear. In your research questions you need to rework these so it is clear what you are looking to investigate, some are a repeat of your objectives. Just identifying the finance or funding available will not give you data to critically analyse – this is an extension of your literature review. Questions 5, 6 and 7 are Ok but you will need more questions to ensure you have enough data to analyse. In your methodology you mention interviewing – who will you interview? How big is your sample? How will you select your sample? Have they agreed?

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