Education: Community Schools

Read attached documents/articles and summarize each as a review of literature. Then use information, bodies of literature, scholarly articles and other sources to address the below points/identified questions. Use APA 6 format style and cite work. Have a reference page of cited work.There is a great body of literature that describes the importance of providing social services to disadvantaged students or students of low socioeconomic status as a means by which to reduce the dropout rate of our youth. Community schools can provide these wrap around services in a way that does not hinder the school leader’s ability to focus on and contribute to improving student achievement.1. The concept of Community Schools is critical because it addresses issues of social justice and social inequities for urban youth.2. Why are Community Schools making a comeback?3. What is different this time around?4. This paper should attempt to show how the concept of Community Schools might improve the playing field for urban students (making things more just, equal and fair for them).5. This paper will attempt to show how Community Schools have improved school completion rates and closed the achievement gap (by improving some of our failing schools).6. Some school leaders made the decision to transition their school to become a Community School. Why?7. Why did Community Schools come about?8. What have others said is missing today which make them relevant? Is someone saying we are neglecting social emotional needs of students?

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