Educational Autobiography

English 1A
Educational Autobiography

You will be writing a narrative essay about your educational experiences (I will provide a template for narrative essay formats from Martin Rojas’ text).  However, the difference from a conventional narrative essay is that at least one of your body paragraphs will refer to at least THREE ideas, claims, or experiences from Mike Rose’s Why School?

In your essay, you will describe two experiences you have had in an educational setting—one particularly good experience, and one particularly bad experience, relate these two experiences to Why School? (or any other relevant text we have read this semester), and evaluate how those experiences relate to your present situation in English 1A and goals for transfer.

Here are some things to include in your autobiography (this could also form a structure/framework for your essay):

1.  Briefly introduce yourself to the reader—give a brief overview of your educational experiences—birthplace, your ethnic or cultural identity and why you identify with it, schools attended, special needs you may have had in learning (were they met?), language or cultural barriers if any, and any goals or achievements you made along the way.

2.    Describe one particularly good experience you had in your past education and tell me about why it was good or positive.  (This could be in an English class or in a different subject.)

3.    Describe one particularly bad experience you had in your previous education and describe why it was bad.

4.    Relate at least THREE claims, quotes, or experiences from Mike Rose’s Why School? (or any other relevant text we’ve read this semester) to your experiences.  How are they different or similar?  What common themes do you notice between your own experiences and his text?

5.    Close by finding a main theme or thread to these experiences and how this theme or thread relates to the present time and your experience as a college student.  Does this theme have to do with your academic reading experiences, writing experiences, or other factors?

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