Effective classroom management strategies to improve classroom environment in urban/inner city schools.Explain

Need American writer with experience writing literature reviews

Hello, I am to write a literature review. Specific instructions will be in the attachments. I have also attached the articles to be used for this assignment and a matrix which shows the articles I used, The populations studies, the research conducted and the findings/conclusions.

It is very important that there is full knowledge of how a literature review is to be written. It is very different from a basic essay.

My topic for the literature review is
Topic: Effective classroom management strategies to improve classroom environment in urban/inner city schools.

I. Here is the basic outline Introduction
a. thesis statement
b. importance of the topic
c. definition of key terms
II. Body of Review (May included multiple subtopics or themes)
a. Subtopic/Theme A
b. Subtopic/Theme B
c. Subtopic/Theme C
III. Summary of Section II
IV. Discussion
a. Interpretation
b. Implications for practice
c. Suggestions for future research

I was thinking that for the subtopics I can have specific classroom management strategies such as Culturally responsive, humanistic strategies and so on.

I have attached all of the articles that are to be used for this assignment as well as the specific instructions from the professor. This paper must be written in APA format. Thank you!

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