Effects of Gamma Rays.Discuss

You are the producer of a theatre company. Create an advertisement poster (like they do with movies) for a production of one of the plays you have read this semester [Oedipus Rex, Effects of Gamma Rays/Marigolds, Funny Thing Happened/Forum, Comedy of Errors, Romeo & Juliet, Tartuffe, Doll’s House] that your theatre is going to do. This is a creative project so you can do the play in any interpretation that you like (“Oedipus on Ice” )… but the poster should be very clear about how you plan to “market” the play (i.e. – how are you planning to get ‘people to pay good money to see your production .) What is your “hook” to get butts in the seats? Is it your casting? Interpretation? Venue? Price?
Also provide what you think is the necessary “information” that a person wishing to come to the show should know.
Size: ‘8.5 x 11’ standa

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