Employee Reward


Total reward is an approach to providing a “package” of reward to employees in ways that optimise employee satisfaction with reward from their work, and which does this in such a fashion that the employees’ contribution to the employer is optimised at an acceptable cost (Wright, 2001), but many commentators say it is just the latest fad and will not stand the test of time. Trade unions are also reluctant to embrace this concept.

With reference to appropriate academic Literature and evidence from practice, (1) critically examine the above statement (60% weighting) and (2) provide informed recommendations as to how total rewards can be implemented in practice within organisations (40% weighting).

1750 words (excluding references and bibliography). Please insert word count on title page and present your work in 1.5 line spacing

Essay format
Assessment Criteria
Nature of topic(s) 10%
Literature Review 30%
Analysis and Discussion 35%
Conclusions & Recommendations 15%
Presentation and referencing 10%

I would like

1. a page of content
2. an introduction
3.a literature review
4.analysis (charts and maybe graphs )

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