Emulating SGM Larry L. Strickland: A Narrative on Leadership, Values, and Legacy in the U.S. Army

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Understanding the Legacy

In a quiet room adorned with plaques and mementos that speak volumes about valor and sacrifice, I sat down with my thoughts to reflect on the life and legacy of SGM Larry L. Strickland. His story resonates deeply within me, not just as an exemplary Soldier and leader, but as a symbol of unwavering commitment, values, and selfless service that has shaped the very core of our Army. As I pondered over his contributions, I found myself drawing inspiration to better serve my country and my comrades by emulating his remarkable qualities.

Introduction to SGM Larry L. Strickland

SGM Strickland was a paragon of leadership and dedication, with a distinguished career marked by an unwavering commitment to his fellow Soldiers, their families, and the values of the U.S. Army. His tragic loss on September 11, 2001, remains etched in the annals of history, serving as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by our service members.

Emulating Values and Leadership

At the heart of SGM Strickland’s legacy were his core values: integrity, selflessness, and a resolute dedication to duty. He demonstrated the profound belief that true leadership transcends rank, that it emanates from a profound understanding of one’s responsibilities towards both mission and men. This resonates deeply with me. I’ve strived to internalize these values, leading by example and instilling in those around me a sense of purpose and unity.

My Role in the Army – Tactical and Technical

As I navigate my role in the Army, I find myself embracing SGM Strickland’s emphasis on competence and expertise. Just as he understood that a leader’s credibility stems from an in-depth knowledge of their field, I’ve dedicated myself to honing my tactical and technical proficiency. I believe that by being well-versed in the intricacies of my field, I can provide valuable insights and guidance to my team, earning their respect and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Future Army Vision

Looking ahead, I’m deeply inspired by SGM Strickland’s ability to envision a better Army – an Army where each Soldier is treated with respect, where their well-being is a paramount concern. SGM Strickland’s commitment to supporting not only the physical but also the emotional and psychological needs of Soldiers resonates with my vision for the future. I strive to create an environment that promotes holistic well-being and encourages open dialogue, ensuring that no Soldier feels alone or unheard.

Supporting Commanders, Soldiers, and Families

SGM Strickland’s legacy is also an embodiment of his unwavering dedication to the welfare of Commanders, Soldiers, and their families. He understood that the strength of an Army lies in the strength of its families, and I’ve taken this lesson to heart. In my interactions, I prioritize not only the mission’s success but also the personal needs of those under my charge. I see the value in ensuring that their concerns are addressed and their families are cared for.


In conclusion, SGM Larry L. Strickland’s contributions to the Army, his values, and his leadership continue to inspire generations of Soldiers like me. His selfless sacrifice and commitment to serving others serve as a beacon guiding us in our pursuit of excellence. As I carry his legacy forward, I do so with a deep sense of honor, aiming to emulate his outstanding qualities, and in doing so, contribute to an Army that embodies the very best of what he stood for.