English 101 Division and Classification Essay

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Pages: 2
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MLA Formatting
750 Words (2 ½ – 3 pages)
Hard copy submitted in class
Quote and paraphrase the source in your essay
Directions: In order to receive full credit, all requirements above must be met. Choose a
prompt from the list below and write a 750-word, or 2 ½ – 3 page, Division and
Classification essay. In your essay you must both quote and paraphrase from the source
when supporting your arguments (minimum of 3 times: at least two direct quotes). The
source for all three prompts below is “Stranded on the Roof of the World” from National
Geographic, which can be found online in your Moodle accounts. You may also use
personal experience to support your points.
1. Have gender roles changed over the last fifty or sixty years? How so and why (or
how not so and why not)? Consider your own role within your family and
personal relationships, as well as that of your parents and grandparents. What
determines these roles and/or role-reversals? Write a Division and Classification
Essay that makes an argument about the personal and cultural factors that may or
may not determine one’s position within his or her family, marriage, community.
2. Think about the various forms of communication and the different types of
languages involved within these forms. Consider how these types of
communication even exist—i.e. what is needed in order for them to work. Write a
Division and Classification Essay that makes an argument about how
communication and language shape the way one thinks and/or the way in which
certain cultures operate because of its method of communication.
3. Superficially, the difference between need and want seems obvious. Yet that does
not seem to stop one from confusing the two so easily. Does the place where one
lives dictate necessity over desire, or vice-versa? Write a Division and
Classification Essay that makes an argument regarding the amenities one truly
needs (and why), AND how/why this need is determined. Make sure to consider
why (or why not) people tend to forget what truly is and is not necessary.
*** NOTE: Remember that the article should only provide support to your thoughts,
opinions, arguments. This article does not provide answers to these questions, and your
essay should not be a summary of the article. Rather, you should find your own “voice”
(your own argument and ideas) and support it with both personal experience and the
source listed above.