Enterprise Rental Cars, United States, Chico CA.Discuss

Utilize the library database, industry journals, business news magazines, and current events. Be sure to
use academic sources. Do not include references from blogs, Wikipedia, encyclopedia, dictionary, etc.
What to Include in the Report: 150 Points
In a double spaced, report format, discuss your research findings and cite sources in a reference page in
APA format for all material found from ACADEMIC sources. Be sure to include graphics, data, and charts
that will communicate and reiterate important content. Include both a Table of Contents and a Table of
Figures. The report is a group grade.
Formatting tips:
1. Cover page
2. Table of Contents
3. Table of Figures
4. Report with headers and sub headers
5. Reference Sheet in APA format
6. Appendix – ancillary research that is not embedded in report, such as interview questions or
surveys conducted

Required Topics:
– Stocks of enterprise and how they affect competitors in Chico, CA

IPC = Income Per Car

– Income:
– Laws:

1-Recall laws per state (CA)
2-suspended licenses rent
3-Expired DL rent
4-No DL rent
6-Company’s Law and Regulations: https://lejebil.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/rental-conditions-NL.pdf
7-Government Regulations:

^ these are the

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