Styrene is the toxin for this paper

Your research paper for this course will address how a toxin found in the environment causes the body to move out of homeostasis and how treatment (if any) would return the body to homeostasis.  You will need to address the following in your paper: 1) Introduction that provides a “hook” for your reader and to introduce the toxin to the reader; 2) a general description of the toxin; 3) where you might find the toxin in the environment; 4) levels of the toxin that is found nationally, State level, and county level (if available); 5) how does the toxin enter the body; 6) what general symptoms are exhibited by the body; 7) how is the toxin affecting the body at the cellular and tissue levels to give rise to the symptoms; 8) what does the medical community do to treat a patient that has been affected by the toxin (how does the clinician return the body to homeostasis; 9) how does one limit exposure to the toxin; 10) conclusion that summarizes what was discussed in the paper (the conclusion should link back to the introduction).

final paper needs to be double-spaced, Your sources need to be cited within your paper either using the APA style. A complete citation of you sources must be in the bibliography at the end of your paper.

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