Equity & Trusts – The three certainties are essential to justify the validity of an express trust. However, surrounding case law has detrimentally affected their efficacy.’ Discuss critically this statement.

Discuss critically this statement.

The word limit for this essay is 2500 words excluding bibliography or footnotes (however only use footnotes for referencing please as it will count towards word limit if it is explaining the essay body) please do not exceed this limit not even by one word and please try to do right up to 2500 to gain as much marks. please give cases where applicable in this style for exam Brown v brown (2002) and then in the footnote give the full reference of the case for example brown v brown (2002) CA HR … etc … please ONLY use references from england and books from the UK only as this is on english law so no american references!

the bibliography and properly cited footnotes do not count towards the word limit. I would also like a bibliography at the end of the essay please.

I have asked for at least 7 different books to be used to do this essay (please only use english law and UK references and no american!) also please could you use these two books as the main source : Hayton & Mitchell:Commentary and cases on the law of trusts and equitable remedies, published 2010 by sweet & maxwell, thirteenth edition and also J.E.Penner, The law of trusts, 8th edition, oxford university press 2012.

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