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Prepare a report on an interview you had with a business professional in your field of interest. This must be someone whom you did not know or have contact with prior to this assignment. They should be someone who can help you in your career or help you gain clarity about a possible career path.

The report should be approximately 750-1000 words and cover the following points (the order below is recommended):

Your purpose in interviewing this person and why you selected them (and not someone else).
Why this is your possible career path? Why this career path suits you? (your talent/ experience/ resume)
What you learned or discovered that made a difference to you. (one or more paragraphs)
What actions will you take in the short-term? In the long-term?

In preparing for and setting up this interview, please consult this excellent article by interview and career coach, Carole Martin:

the person that I want to interview & the person that you will write it down: his web/ link:

Vice President, Supply Chain Management
Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.
Consero is honored to announce that Rif Wiguna will be joining the faculty for Conseros 2015 Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Forum.
Rif Wiguna is currently the Vice President of Supply Chain Management for Panda Restaurant Group, Inc., which operates 1,765 Panda Express locations in 49 states and internationally in Canada, Mexico, Korea, and UAE. Mr. Wiguna has been with Panda since 1995 and presently manages a procurement and logistics portfolio worth over $785 million. Over that time, he implemented National Distribution programs for Panda Express that streamlined and optimized the delivery process for Panda Express in 49 states. Mr. Wiguna also successfully negotiated major food and non-food contracts and established top-line procurement strategies for various commodity products critical to the success of Panda Express operations.
Prior to joining Panda, Mr. Wiguna was the Manager of Logistics for Carl Karcher Enterprises, the corporate office of the Carls Jr restaurant chain. Prior to Carls Jr, he was an Industrial Engineer for Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation, a Phillip Morris Organization. Mr. Wiguna earned his undergraduate degree in industrial & systems engineering from the University of Southern California in 1983 and an M.B.A. with a concentration in finance from Calpoly Pomona in 1985.

**** His nationality is Indonesia, just like me. So, I want you to put it down that I can easily interview him because of networking and because of the same nationality ( NOT Because I know him)

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