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Project description
Attempt ONE of the following in an essay of 1,800 – 2,000 words maximum.


1. With regard to a free-market economy, what are said to be the main benefits and problems with the operations of the labour market? Considering relevant examples, analyse some of the main advantages and disadvantages where a labour market operates without regulation. Detail the primary winners and losers in a self-regulating labour market. What provisions have been put in place to limit the extent of damage to workers? Give 3 key examples.

2. Outline the origins of the German Mittelstand and detail how it works? Explain the role and importance of the Mittlestand in Germany, particularly with regards to the employees, the employers and the German economy.

3. Globalisation is the logical progression from the Anglo-American free-market model of the economy. As such it inevitably produces tougher and poorer working conditions. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss in detail in relation to the British labour market and the changing nature of working practices, giving relevant examples.

General guidance
Remember, as your starting point for the essay plan, use the readings and articles provided on Bb, in addition to your lecture notes and seminar materials. Do not start by searching the web. Make a ONE page plan for discussion with the lecturer.
Remember an essay is a discussion of relevant points and not an attempt to prove a truth.

Allocation of marks

Structure, logical flow of text and coherence of argument
Relevant research, selection and application of sources to support discussion with appropriate examples
Evidence of understanding in analysis of ideas and issues relevant to the module and question chosen
Academic writing style and Harvard style referencing
Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of the module, the student will be able to:

Identify and analyse some of the major business and employment issues facing businesses in contemporary Europe

Critically evaluate European flexicurity

Evaluate the social and political context of European business

Analyse some of the major social issues in contemporary Europe affecting employment & recruitment

Draw critical business, economic and political comparisons between employment and labour market models

Evaluate the major social and political influences upon business in contemporary Europe
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No, You just need to write 3 KEY examples no more. I dont know why I am repeating the instructions all the time . Questions and instructions clear. You just need to follow them via blackboard . Thats it . Thanks.

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