Essay, Computer sciences and Information technology


As with all college papers, include your name, the name of this class, and the title of your paper at the top.
Make the document look nice! You\’ll find some tips on correct formatting for college papers at You don\’t have to stick to the font they recommend since you are practicing with fonts.
All formatting and spelling counts, so use spell check and format a professional looking paper.
Describe something new you learned by reading Chapter 2 in the Technology in Action book.
Include information about the hardware on the computer you use for homework in this class. (This might be a lab computer.)
Use the skills you learned in myitlab Word Parts 1 and 2.
Formatting counts. Use text formatting such as bold, bullets and underline, and document formatting such as justification, margins, footers, headers, footnotes, etc. Make the document look professional.
You must use at least 8 formatting techniques you learned in Word Parts 1 and 2. Details: You must use at least 5 formatting features (such as such as bold, italics, underline, paragraph alignments, bullets and numbering, fonts, footnotes etc.) to get full credit. In addition to 5 formatting techniques, you must (6) change the page margin, (7) use a paragraph indent (first line, hanging, left, or right), and (8) include a header or footer.
Content counts. What did you learn in Chapter 2 of Technology in Action? Include information about your CPU, RAM, storage devices, and input/output devices. Use System Properties to get this information; see Viewing your Computer Hardware Information in the week 5 Insight book for instructions. (These instructions are for Windows 7, Vista or XP users – Mac users, do you know how to find out your hardware details?)
At the bottom of your document, list the 8 formatting settings you used in your document with details such as the margin and indent settings you used.

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