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This is a group project, My part on it is to be the database administrator. Below i have the problem and my job on it.
Problem Instructions
Flix2You is looking for a company to help them design a solution that meets the requirements they have set forth. As a team and aided by course materials, course content, and quality external resources, you need to create a proposal to meet the requirements of Flix2You. Keep in mind; your organization is not
the only one being solicited for this contract.

Good luck to each of the teams. May your solution be the winning one!

Problem Introduction
Flix2You wants to expand its current operations. The goal of Flix2You is to make better use of their current data which would then allow them to apply analytics to better understand how they formulate a new strategy for their business. \”We have collected data in our system for almost 9 years. So we know we are data rich but as they also say.information poor, says Steve LaSalle, a corporate vice-president. Flix2You wants to be the most comprehensive video rental portal in the country.

The purpose of this problem is for your team to create a solution that meets the needs of Flix2You, a movie rental company. Flix2You already has a website but is wants to better understand who their customers are and how they can increase revenue. Flix2You is searching for an organization that will help them create a solution to manage the data and database that drives the Flix2You site and their corporation.

The goal of this problem is to assist Flix2You in their initiative to design a solution that will create a data repository for easier querying and applying analytics to better understand their data. More specifically, Flix2You needs an organization to create a database design, create a backup and recovery plan, conduct a user analysis for using the new database, analyze current data, create database reports, and identify any legal issues for the new repository that Flix2You needs to be aware of.

It is the responsibility of your team to demonstrate the nature of the solution by producing a problem document which is actually a plan to help Flix2You and solve their problem. Requirements for the document are detailed throughout this document.

**Database Administration (2-4 pages)** MY MAIN JOB ON THE PROJECT
Identify the roles and responsibilities of a DBA and any other administrative personnel who will be using the system. Include hardware/software knowledge, infrastructure knowledge, and clustering knowledge a DBA would need to have to succeed in administrating this system.

Database Backup and Recovery

Prepare a plan suggesting to Flix2You how they should store their data and backup and recovery strategies. Discuss how you will deal with technical issues that may occur while using the site. Outsourced 3rd solutions can be utilized. Note that any work contracted by 3rd Party solutions should be investigated for security, reliability, and cost.

Data Access and Security

Determine what types of security measures need to be in place so the system cannot be breached. Multiple levels of security will be necessary:

Database security describe how you will secure the database so only people with the correct login/password will be able to access the data.
Privacy statement explaining how a customers data will be used.
Anticipate any legal implications or disclaimers that need to appear on the site due to employees having access to customers personal information. Should employees have to sign disclaimers?
If creating a new read only database that will pull data from an operational database, be sure include a discussion (eg. Plan) as to how you intend on updating the data that will be contained in your proposed database design. This would include frequency of the update, timeframe as to when the update would be conducted etc.

If creating a new design that is replacing the current operational database, be sure to include a discussion as to your companys plan to migrate the existing database data to the new system and how it may or may not impact daily operations.

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