Essay, English

An analysis about The Hunting Ground documentary. Please read the instructions carefully. the last time I got F because the writer did not follow my instructions. I post for you another instructions regarding how to write the paper.

Here are some mistakes that my teachers hates to see in a paper and that was why I got an F:

1-In this paper I need you to write a thesis statement to let the reader knows what are you talking about, what is the purpose of it.

2-Avoid superficial topics because they are not good enough.

3-Make a significant claim

4-Structure and conclusion:
1- Jump in do not explain what rehotric is.
2-you need a hook.
3-Body paragraph-topic sentence-the main Idea of the paragraph.

5-diction–word choice
1-Choose unique and interesting also, choose words that convey significant meaning.
2-Do not use slang words.

6-sentence structure:
1-OMIT extra words, filter phrases and do not be afraid to cut the materiel.
for example: Due to the fact he bla bla…. say because he bla bla (do not waist words on things that does not say much).

7-Technical Issues.
1-usage errors: for example: Creditable is wrong, and you should say Credible.
2-apostrphes: omission or possession.
3-be careful when to capitalize.
4-typos and missing words
5- the film name should be Italic.

8-Avoid fancy words and sentences my teacher wants you to get into the subject immediately and she wants the writing to be concise.

in each paragraph I want to have examples from the film. PLEASE BE DIRECT AND MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE WHOLE FILM.

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