Essay, English

Discuss 2-3 companies or organizations you admire and why; consider your own consumer experience if applicable and the professional accomplishments of the company.

Discuss 2-3 companies or organizations you find problematic and why. Explain in depth what the problems are and why they matter.

500 words minimum due Friday 9/19 before class–Post in Journals

Companies/Organizations you admire: (EXAMPLES)

1.) Apple–\”(through collision/conflict-employees polish each other and product; impressions from


2.) Pixar-commitment to creativity; high standard; community based; (customer nostalgia) reputation based on first hand experience with company

3.) Google– how they treat employees

4.) UM

5.) San Antonio Spurs– selfless, no super star mentality

6.) Nokia– current developments; product quality

7.) Seaboard Marine–biggest best importer in US customer service

8.) Air BnB– tech and travel; no middle person; quick

9.) Creative Artists Agency– wide range of talent represented from Tony Bennett to Bassnectar

10.) Tesla–innovation, mission


1.) ATT– customer service–inconsistency

2.) Xfinity

3.) American Airlines– customer experience w overselling

4.) Urban Outfitters– ethical issues; insensitivity; unsustainable practices

5.) Walmart-employee treatment

6.) United-car insurance– customer experience

7.) Aquariums-animal treatment

8.) Marlins–instability

9.) Wells Fargo-current scandal

10.) Apple– impressed with marketing department only; a fan of open source

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