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Project description
read \”The Yellow Wallpaper\” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. In Gilman\’s short story we meet a narrator that is clearly in some distress. At the beginning she has been forced to endure \”rest therapy\” which was prescribed by doctors to cure what modern medicine would deem mental illness. We learn that she has recently had a child and that her husband has brought her away from her home, forbidden her to write, and imprisoned her in a nursery with yellow wallpaper.
The narrator states: \”John is a physician, and perhaps —(I would not say it to another living soul, of course, but this dead paper and a great relief to my mind)—perhaps that is the reason I do not get well faster.\”
Is the narrator\’s downfall John\’s fault? Why?

What are \”mind forg\’d manacles\”? William Blake considers this important topic in his poem London. How can we know what he refers to? Can poetry (or any art) help an individual over come them?

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