Essay, Ethics

From Syllabus: In a neatly presented, logically organized and beautifully written report, you will write about a ritual or rite of passage associated with Mexican/Chicano culture. The research paper must be 4 doubled spaced, typed pages in length. Of course it can be longer.
Part 1: The Ritual- Address the origins of the ritual and include the Who, What, When, Where,Why, and how of the ritual.
Part 2: The Analysis- In order to analyze the ritual it is required that you use the 3-step process associated with analyzing the ritual. The 3-step process involves :separation phase, liminal phase, and reincorporation phase. Be sure to apply the proper terminology associated with the 3-step analysis and also explain the use of dominate symbol and the meaning attached to them.
Part 3: Meta Analysis- In this final section the larger purpose of this assignment is your experience as an anthropologist. Please discuss your experience, the challenges, the benefits, limitations, and importance of this assignment.

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