Essay, Finance and Accounting


1.Choose a company from the S&P 500. Here is a link to the S&P 500 index:
a.I recommend choosing a company in your particular area of interest.

2.Analyze your chosen companys financial statements using at least 10 of the financial analysis ratios given in Chapter 4.
a.Conduct your analysis over a 3-year period. This means that you will need the financial analysis statements for your firm for 3 years, and you will calculate each ratio 3 times.

3.You are a financial manager in the firm you chose to analyze, and your CFO has asked you to prepare a portfolio to present to the CEO that summarizes how the firm is doing financially. Discuss any trends that you see using both the raw data from the financial statements and your calculations from the financial analysis ratios and synthesize the information.
a.Some questions that you should consider answering in your synthesis include, but are not limited to:
i.In general, how is the company doing financially? How is the company doing compared to other firms in the industry/industry averages?
ii.Based on what weve learned thus far, do you think your company is a valuable investment for its shareholders? Why or why not?
iii.What information in the financial statements might explain the trends you noticed?
iv.In what areas has the company increased/decreased spending? How did that affect the various ratios?

Additional notes:

You can usually find a companys financial statements on its website.
Show your work for the financial analysis ratio calculations and on any other calculations you perform. I want to see the math.
Synthesizing information means that you will take pieces of information and combine them to present a bigger picture. Make connections, and combine the info you learned from the financial statements and ratios into meaningful conclusions. Do not just summarize what you have already stated.
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Here is chapter 4 from the book that you can use for the paper
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here are the instructions for the paper
Instruction files

chapter_4.pdf(7,51 MiB)

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