Essay, History

* Compose a two-page antislavery speech that would have been delivered in the 19th century. Your speech must make reference to ACCURATE details covered in this unit regarding the experiences of slaves. These details will serve as proof as to why slavery should be abolished.
***Your speech must:
*Have a catchy introduction, persuasive and supporting arguments for why slavery is wrong and should be ended, and a moving, memorable conclusion.
*Must be in the voice of a person in the mid-1800s
*MUST include the use of two rhetorical appeals and one rhetorical device. Underline the example of each in your speech.
*Must include accurate information regarding the institution of slavery
* You can assume the role of a former slave or an abolitionist and speak in first-person
**You MUST also include additional information, thoughts, and commentary on slavery
*Be persuasive, realistic, and creative
*Speech MUST be typed and follow MLA format.

*** Please cite and use references from…
1.Declaration of independence
2.declaration of sentiments
3.whats to a slave is 4th of july

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