Essay, History

History 103 Nick Tapia

Guidelines for the Movie Review

The Task
The student must choose a movie that focuses on the time period in which we are studying, up to 1870. It must deal with a historical theme about the United States. If you need help in choosing a movie, please speak with the instructor. The student will need to summarize the movie, basically tell the reader what the movie was arguing in favor or against something. Highlight (not literally) the main points of your thesis. Once you have completed this part of the assignment, then write down whether the production took historical license in completing this movie, in other words, how accurate is this movie? Here you will need an outside source to support your arguments; 1-2 outside sources is sufficient. Lastly, discuss whether the movie reflects the values of the time period which the movie portrays or whether it reflects the values of the time period in which the movie was made. Discuss the how and why. This movie review should be 2-4 pages long.
Technical Stuff
The review must be typed either by computer or typewriter. The paper must be double spaced and the standard margins, one inch on all sides. Remember do not plagiarize. Cite your sources, footnotes or endnotes are fine, no parenthetical sources. Your paper must be free of typos, grammatical errors, and must display a grasp of what you read with a coherent argument and organization. Please include a title page that has your name, the class, date, and the name of the movie in the middle of the page.
Instruction files

films_set_in_history.docx(48,60 KiB)

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