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Appeals such as fear, humor, warmth, pleasure, security, status, and acceptance are often used in advertising. Choose two widely advertised products, e.g., toothpaste, beer, perfume, cars, etc. and collect 5 print ads for each product. Identify the type(s) of appeal used in each ad and analyze any trends you observe for advertising each product. In a 2-3 page essay that will be uploaded to Additionally, scan each advertisement you selected and upload at end of the essay all as one document.Papers should be 2-3 pages long (double-spaced with standard margins and 12 point Times Roman font). Each section is graded both on content (for example, accuracy of definitions and quality of your ideas) and writing (spelling, grammar, clarity, and punctuation). You should include at least 4 academic sources (including your textbook) so you will need to add a reference page and cite sources in APA style. Late Submissions must be uploaded in the appropriately labeled Late Drop Box at by the posted Late Assignment Deadline. Late submissions are only eligible for a maximum of 50% of the assignments original point value.
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Book: Persuacion: Social Influence and Compliance Gaining. Fifth Edition.

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