Essay, Management

Please address the following questions SEPARATELY:
1. What is Eitel attempting to accomplish with the Great Game of Life (GGOL) program? What is the premise of GGOL? How is it supposed to help Simmons or other companies?
2. How would you describe Eitels leader values and leadership style? How would you describe Eitel according to the transformational/transactional leadership framework? Does his leadership style appear to be a good fit with Simmons at the time of the case?
3. Based on Kotters key elements of successful transformation efforts, how would you evaluate Eitels efforts to turnaround Simmons performance? What were the strengths and weaknesses of his efforts?
4. Should Eitel proceed with continued investment in the culture change program? Why or why not? Prepare a compelling case to Fenway Partners in support of the program or an alternative strategy for turning around performance at Simmons.
Instruction files

leading_change_at_simmons_a_.pdf(148,68 KiB)

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