Essay, Marketing

Outline how your brand(Expedia) could use Inbound and Content Marketing.
Include a detailed persona (attach an image of the one you created)
Give at least 2 Content Offer ideas that would relate to your brand. Write out what that offer would look like.
Give at least 2 Blog Topic ideas include headline, and short description of the post.
Tell us about how your brand should use Email marketing, who you would target and how you would cut through the clutter.
Give some examples of key metrics you will track for your content marketing.

Include two external links
Include one photo or video
Assignment title must be catchy and interesting

Must be client ready, nicely formatted and formal in language.
All sections must include detail about what you found and what youd recommend be done to improve.
Your recommendations must be justified based on your own research or information provided as part of this lesson or class.
This week we look at Inbound and Content marketing for your brand. In order to understand Inbound Marketing I want you to read up on it as much as possible. Your brand may not used Inbound yet but maybe they could. Part of your job will be to come up with some ideas of what they could do.

When considering inbound and content marketing for your brand. I want you to look at the following areas:

Audience Persona

Research and understand audience personas and how they influence your content marketing. Create one or two personas for your brand as an exercise.

Content Offers

Now that you have your audience persona created. What type of content will motivate them to consider your brand or buy from you? Look at some other content offers that are out there and learn from the best. Hub spot provides some good examples.

Blog Posts

Blogging is a large part of inbound marketing. As you\’ve done your research, how is your brand using a blog? Are they even? What are some blog posts topics that would connect with your audience persona?

Email Marketing

Knowing how to be a great email marketer will help you go far in this business. To be great, you need to understand how email works. And how do you cut through the clutter. Dig deep into this topic and be rewarded.

Metrics + Reporting

Consider what metrics you want to show the client as a result of your inbound marketing efforts. Do some research on best practices here.

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