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Some of my information about me, let me know if you to know anything about me to complete this assignment.
my goals is to work in my filed as business administrator at the top of my field.
As a retired military, I was a 92A which I worked as a logistics clerk. I have a associate\’s in general studies, now pursuing my bachelors in business admin. major in human resource.
Write a 250-word summary of your goals, target audience and how LinkedIn contributes to your personal brand.
1.Your overall individual goals. (Get a job, internship, or get into grad school, create a professional network, etc.)
2.Your target audience. (Be specific, in order to get as many points as possible. )
3.Describe how LinkedIn contributes to your personal brand.

Write a 250 word summary of your goals, identify who your target audience is and how LinkedIn can help you achieve these goals. What are your goals when you graduate with your Bachelors Degree in Business? Where do you want to work or even volunteer? Who can you try to network with to learn more about possible opportunities that align with your interests? How can you formulate your LinkedIn page to correlate with your goals?
Added on 18.10.2016 08:30
please make me sound wonderful I also forgot to include that I just started my own business as a event designer and planner. On pointe events and designs. the business is in the beginning stages we have had a few clients, thus far. We are trying to grow and expand our brand. I do have a partner with me. This is some info you can include in my paper. thanks

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