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Please base this off the book \”Working Through Conflict: Strategies for Relationships, Groups, and Organizations.
Let\’s pull together ideas from Weeks 1 to 3, shall we? We have learned a lot. Indeed, we have learned far too much to cram it all into one essay. Be sure to set the scope of your essay carefully. Then, support your thesis with solid main points, support each main point with evidence/terms/concepts/models, and then tidy things up with a conclusion.
Essay topic: Is conflict something that people choose to create and be involved in, or do the dynamics of conflict pull people in unwittingly? You are not limited to either-or here. You could, for example, argue that people choose to engage in conflict but once set in motion people are carried along by the dynamics of conflict. Whichever position you want to argue, you should clearly state a claim and then support and explain your claim.

Use the essay format of an introductory paragraph, one paragraph for each main point, and a concluding paragraph. You probably will need at least 600 words to complete your essay, and perhaps as many as 1000 words, depending on your writing style. Organize those words by using the essay format.
State the purpose of your essay clearly in the introductory paragraph. You need a thesis, a theme, a guiding purpose. Tell the reader about it in the introduction.
Support each main point with details or examples. Tie each main point to the thesis/theme/purpose that you stated in your introduction.

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