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Write a brief statement describing your chosen research topic. A topic statement is a paragraph or two that explains, in a nutshell, what your topic is about. At this stage, this statement can be fairly broad since you may not be sure yet of the specific emphasis of your paper. You may begin your topic statement with \”This paper will explore…\” Also provide a few sentences that give some background information on your topic. For example, providing statistics, facts, or other relevant information to help reader better connect with your topic is welcomed. You are also expected to state why you chose the topic. It is also important that you develop a clear rationale and justification for the importance and relevance of this topic for families and children. More specifically, why is this topic important to explore and write about? How is this topic relevant to children and families? Also, what do you hope learn about your topic by doing this assignment?

*Use the textbook for ideas and supporting information if needed.


Topic assigned by Dr. Brown : Issues of Diversity for Families
Specific Topic chosen by student: Role of Race and Ethnicity in African American parenting.

This paper will examine how African American parents teach their children about issues of racism, discrimination, and culture. Racism and discrimination has recently received increased attention in media and it is evident that these issues continue to impact the African American community. Therefore, African American parents must provide their children with accurate knowledge regarding their African American pride and African American history, as well as how to deal with racism and discrimination. The messages that parents teach their children about race, culture and ethnicity are important because these messages prepare children for survival and success in a world where race and ethnicity influences the way that others see and treat you. I also chose this topic because I want to learn more about how to teach the children and young people in my life about these issues.

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