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This document is your introduction to our paper requirement this Fall semester. You will select one of the following topics to write on.
The following are guidelines of your Fall, 2016 semester paper. The paper should be between 3-4 pages, MLA, double-spaced, with cover page and cite page (not included in your 3-4 pages). This assignment will cover Student Learning Outcomes: Critical Thinking, Visual and Written Communication.
In your paper, you will need to identify a specific question, make a logically consistent argument answering that question and provide empirical evidence to support your claims. Do not write a paper merely summarizing the/ your readings. Your paper ought to be analytical and not primarily focused on speculative/ hypothetical issues.
Make your argument (on which you have chosen to write on) as to why the American policy you have chosen is in Americas best interest or not. As you do, select images to be embedded in your paper and discuss them (no more than 2-3 images).
This paper requires a cover and cite page. Failure to include either or both will result in penalties.
a)Simply, your cover page will include your name, my name, the course title; 1013-001; US in the Global Arena and your chosen topic.
b)Any claims, data etc must be cited. You will use an additional page for that.

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