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Your argumentative essay should be 1500 words, with 10% leeway on the word count. The essay must be grounded in relevant academic and industry research with a minimum of 6 academic sources included. You should use the Harvard referencing system to cite your research. The learning outcomes which are assessed through this essay are your ability to:
1. Analyse and explain various aspects of the relationship between children and the media, when children constitute both media audiences and the subject of media texts.
2. Explain and critically evaluate media production practices and texts for the child audience.
So you need to demonstrate that you have achieved those learning outcomes while writing about your chosen topic. Bear in mind also the ways in which your work is going to marked, which is according to the following criteria:
Evidence of critical thinking.
Demonstrated knowledge of key aspects of the relationship between children and
the media.
Use of appropriate sources and research (at least six academic sources).
Well-structured and evidenced arguments.
Proficiency in formal essay writing conventions relating to presentation and
Precision of language, grammar, syntax and punctuation
Ability to write to set word count.

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