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Writing Assignment #2: Summarizing The Rite of Spring through Primary Sources

Read carefully the article from the Weiss & Taruskin book, article #132, The Rite of Spring. With your partner, write a brief rough draft of three paragraphs, one for each of the following topics as well as a thesis statement that conveys what you will accomplish in the body paragraphs:

Summarize what Stravinsky hoped to accomplish in his composition, The Rite of Spring, and how he did so.
Summarize the audiences response to the early performances of The Rite of Spring.
Summarize Stravinskys reaction to his audiences response.

This essay should have a formal introduction with a clear thesis statement and a brief conclusion with three body paragraphs in between. All statements that you make should be well supported by factual evidence drawn directly from the article. Evidence drawn from the article does not need to be formally cited using MLA format. Sentences should be well-structured and well-organized, without fluff and written in a formal style. Use the front and back of this paper to write the rough draft of your essay with your partner, or write on lined paper, being sure to write both names at the top.

Once you have completed your rough draft, you will revise and formalize your essay and type it into a final draft. Your final draft of this paper must be a minimum of two pages, typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font with a title. Be sure to include your name, the date, and class title in the header of your paper
Instruction files

writing_assignment_2_2c_rite.docx(15,49 KiB)
wt_132_-_stravinsky_2.pdf(746,78 KiB)

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