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This is an assignment that to write a feature story about my friend. there\’s no need to introduce her, you can start with the story. The paper should be in third person. I will upload the instructions and materials later.

But the thing is she\’s so busy that she don\’t have time to talk to me, I will tell you all I know about her, there\’s two stories, but you must only write about one of them.
She went to Peru one years ago for a gap semester in college, and she went there alone without knowing any Spanish, she likes the culture there, and she want to have different and new experiences even though she never been to that place, she met new people, and she can speak Spanish very well, at first she can just communicate with the by using body languages, even though she\’s alone in there, but she never feel lonely, because she think the people in Peru are very friendly nice, and she can have some rest there because college life is too busy and overwhelming.
Another one is she went to Alaska this summer for an internship as a hostess in a restaurant instead of going back to China, and the restaurant is a bar at night. She has to drive 10 miles everyday from the place she lives and to the restaurant, so she needs to wake up very early in the morning. She said the customers she met are very interesting, some people came in asking do they serve bear\’s paw, sometimes the head chef and the second chef are fighting in the kitchen, and they destroy each other\’ s food and the restaurant has to shut down; sometimes when she\’s in the bad mood, she will give vent to her customers. I asked her why she doesn\’t just find an internship back in China, but in Alaska, she said she just try something that might seems hard and not understandable, but when she went through it, she will be very proud of herself, and she likes the polar lights there, she also loves to travel to a lot of exciting places.

You can choose one of them to write, and if she replies me before Saturday, I will send you what she says, but you can make it up too, and remember not to focus the places she traveled to, but focus on her.

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