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Some critics argue that Chipotle was more vulnerable to food borne illness outbreaks because of its fresh food emphasis. Review the case study and other current news regarding Chipotle outbreaks. In addition to a fresh produce focus, what other aspects make Chipotle more vulnerable to foodborne illness outbreaks, compared to other fast-casual chains?
Chipotle changed some of its cooking methods and procedures, meaning that some items are processed at a central kitchen rather than individual stores. What disadvantages and advantages arise from such a decision for Chipotle? Personally, do you feel that Chipotle made a good decision? Why or why not?
Food safety training may not change the way foodservice operators run the business. What particular aspects and practices can create a culture of food safety for each Chipotle store or other foodservice operations?
Review new food safety practices and procedures implemented by Chipotle in the wake of foodborne illness outbreaks. What particular aspects do you wish to benchmark for the future in companies you desire to work, or applied to your current working environment? Or among new food safety practices or procedures Chipotle has implemented, are there any specific procedures that other restaurant chains easily can adopt and implement? On the other hand, which practices may not be feasible or may be unrealistic in your current and/or past working setting?
The case study briefly discussed other restaurant companies who experienced similar food crises such as the 1993 Jack in the Boxs E.coli outbreak. In terms of recovery strategies and crisis management, are there any lessons Chipotle could learn from Jack in the Box? In addition to Jack in the Box, you are asked to find another hospitality organization that recently experienced a major crisis, but successfully adopted recovery strategies and crisis management practices.
Please compare and contrast Chipotles food crisis to another companys food safety crisis.
After learning Chipotles PR strategies and crisis management tactics, which do you think worked successfully and which do you consider as failures?
Research other hospitality business examples that exemplify higher standards of food safety using advanced foodservice technology. What can Chipotle and others learn from those examples?

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