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BSc Air Transport Management

EA392SE Aviation Strategy and Planning

Assignment 1

Learning outcome

Evaluate aviation business strategy plans

Emirates is planning to increase its fleet of 50 A380s to 140 of these superjumbos when many analysts were already talking about existing fleet ongoing challenges in terms of global network operations and overall lifecycle costs.
This imposes a big challenge onto Emirates Management to also plan effective deployment of those aircraft to its network and wherever possible on potential profitable routes.
Keeping view of the aforementioned, you are required to address the following questions:
What factors account for the success of Dubais aviation sector in terms of the product of strategic decisions that the government of Dubai and the aviation sector have taken in the past and as influenced by external and internal environment (also strengths and opportunities)?

Is the prime airline segment an attractive place to compete?
Using the information presented in class and other relevant sources use Michael Porters five forces model to analyze the competitive environment for Emirates and similarly the scale of the threat from other Gulf airlines, to the rest of the world. The analysis should consist of five parts ( five forces), which should cover (a) threat of entry, (b) power of suppliers, (c) power of buyers, (d) threats of substitutes, (e) competitive rivalry. At the end of each part, a conclusion should be provided. Students are expected to draw the final conclusion to explain why Emirates will most likely survive and serve those planned markets.
In the middle of those threats and continued lobbying pressures by European and United States carriers, how can Emirates continue to grow and deliver value and prime service to its customers?

Review the fleet and network growth plans available through relevant sources. Then discuss how Emirates would develop a sound strategy to operate those 140 A380s by the year 2024 and achieve the planned profits and growth whilst sustaining its competitive advantage?

Points discussed in class with which students should be able to identify various aspects about how Emirates can add value. Also, explain how European airlines threatened by Emirates may keep up the pressure against Emirates in view of international laws and policies.

You must consider what possibly can be European Network carriers current and future strategies. And that on the other hand, US carriers are also trying to hinder Emirates progress within their region. Please write this report on what you believe that Emirates must do to ease those pressures and survive this turmoil? Specify any assumptions that you make while writing the report.

Where you feel further strategy information or other data would be required, state these requirements and briefly relate how the information might be obtained.

While writing the assignment, references to literature, course handouts and points of theory and principles may add support to the analysis, though they should be relevant, appropriate and properly cited, and certainly not made in isolation from case issues.

The word count is expected to be approx. 2000 words.
Due Date is 15th October 2016

Grading criteria

Influencing Factors on the airline business
(20 marks)
Environment Analysis of the airline using PESTE and SWOT
Porter Five forces Analysis of the airline
Assessment of product offering & survival strategies amongst competitors. Like marketing mix, brand management, segmentation strategies, UVP and growth opportunities.

Emirates Airline Competitive analysis and Business Strategy
(20 marks)
Assessment of product offering & survival strategies amongst competitors.
Assessment of success of short/long term marketing strategy vis-a-vi competition and Pricing structure.
Why do passengers choose Emirates airline? What stage of product life cycle is Emirates as an organization? Critical review on how successful Emirates is at marketing its products

Assessment of success of short/long terms, marketing strategy vis-a-vi competition and Pricing structure
Network and markets growth plans Assessment
(20 marks)
Assessment of current business model and network. A note on how airline possibly will manage and plan the current and future network in order to fully deploy all the balance 90 A380s into present or future destinations and/or boost frequencies according to demand into existing routes.
Discuss the Emirates A380 fleet newness factor and fleet growth plans as discussed in class. Discuss the various marketing strategy and mention the airline markets that requires high capacity based on environment and competition analysis.

Markets uncertainty & future plans acceleration of European and US carriers
(20 marks)
Assessment of possible threats and pressures on Emirates in short/long term. Discuss the fierce competition and lobbying of European and American carriers against Emirates. Related to their business models and the competitive edge Emirates has over those European and American airlines?

Introduction, conclusion, recommendations, proper referencing and layout
(20 marks)
Present an introduction to the topic and overall conclusion to sum up the findings of your report. Make valid recommendations with regard to A380 business operating plans and what the airline needs to do over the next 10 years to stay in business.
Added on 27.09.2016 05:59
use the following references in addition to online sources to target emirates airline vision and future strategy, the instructions by the professor are uploaded above, please do make sure that you do elaborate on every aspect covered in the instruction sheet. graphical illustrations and in text stations would be very much helpful. make sure that the paper isn\\\”t just repetition of words. the paper should target the instructions with a clear message and use of words.
thank you
Instruction files

emirates_economic_impact_in_europe_final_report.pdf(2,31 MiB)
emirates-_airlines_and_subsidy_-_our_position_new_tcm233-845771.pdf(1,00 MiB)
oxford_economics_explaining_dubais_aviation_model_june_2011.pdf(815,10 KiB)

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