Essay, Religion and Theology

Typology is an important tool to understand the Old Testament because it allows people to understanding its persons, places, and eventsprefigurements of what was to come in the New Testament. In this paper you will do the following:
1. Write a definition of Typology and explain why it is useful when looking at Old and New Testament figures.
2. You will then give a typology of Mary, the mother of Jesus, by looking at Eve and the Ark of the Covenant. You will compare and contrast this character and this object to Mary and then analyze why this is significant. Explain why you think the New Testament author used these entities to explain the role of Mary or create an image of Mary.
3. Then you will do a comparison of Jesus to Adam as given in the links below.
4. You will use the following links to help you with the definition and explanation of Typology, a comparison of Jesus and Adam, as well as compare and Contrast Mary to various entities.
You will label your paper clearly with the following headings:
1. Typology and Its Meaning.
2. Typology of Mary with Eve.
3. Typology of Mary and the Ark of the Covenant.
4. Typology of Jesus and Adam.
(4 sources included in attachment)
Instruction files

religionextracredit.pdf(117,37 KiB)

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