Essay, Sociology

Jalisa is a 16 year old junior at a local high school. She comes into your office after school and asks to talk to someone. She is wearing a head scarf in such a way that it covers what appears to be a badly bruised eye. She is very upset and after a few minutes discloses that she may be pregnant. She tells you that her boyfriend \”freaked\” when she told him and that he hit her. She says that he didn\’t mean anything by it and that he only acts this way \”when she upsets him.\” She tells you that her parents are deeply religious and that she hasn\’t even told them that she had a boyfriend. Furthermore, she is afraid to tell her parents about the pregnancy because her father may become angry and \”discipline\” her. She asks you to help her get an abortion.

1. Using the NASW Code of Ethics, what are the ethical considerations you have to make in this scenario?

2. What risk and protective factors are present in Jalisa\’s life that might indicate how she will respond to this crisis situation?

3. How would you proceed? If you are making a referral, state how you would summarize the case for the referral source.

Remember to refer to the rubric for discussion thread posting requirements.

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