Essay, Statistics

Week One: Introduction to Statistical Thinking.

The most important part of statistics is the thought process, so make sure that you explain your answers (and show your work), but be careful with statistics. The following statistics/probability problems may intrigue you and you may be surprised. The answers are not always as you might think.

While you will find solutions to problems like these on the internet, I invite you to compare those processes with the ones in the text book. Key to this exercise is the application of the processes you find, not, necessarily, the answer to the problems.

Directions: Complete the following three questions.

1. There are 17 people at a party. Explain what the probability is that any two of them share the same birthday. Show all of your work and cite any source you use to assist with your calculations. (25 words)

2. A cold and flu study is looking at how two different medications work on sore throats and fever: Show all of your work and explain your solution

Sore throat – Medication A: Success rate – 84.8% (212 out of 250 trials were successful)

Sore throat – Medication B: Success rate – 80% (256 out of 320 trials were successful)

Fever – Medication A: Success rate – 70% (175 out of 250 trials were successful)

Fever – Medication B: Success rate – 70% (67 out of 90 trials were successful)

Analyze the data and explain which one would be the better medication for both a sore throat and a fever. Why? (25 words)

3. With the advent of deep sea, unmanned, submersibles, oceanographers gained the opportunity to conduct underwater exploration in areas previously inaccessible. New age remotely operated submersibles (ROS) are very expensive, so the designers attach the controls to the operating platform with a heavy duty cable that provides both power and communications to the submersible.

Due to the frequent loss of the ROS, designers decided to use a statistician to determine the best course of action. The statistician found that the number of submersibles they could recover had more damage to the internal components than to the cable that supported the vehicle.

The statistician\’s recommendation was to enhance the support cable rather than tweak the internal components to make the submersible more reliable. If damage to the body of the submersible was more common in the recovered submersibles, why would the statistician make this recommendation? (25 words)

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines (Ensure to include a cover page and references page).

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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