Ethics problem and insider trading

Topic: Ethics problem and insider trading.
1. An introduction: A brief summary of the case study, and the ethical issues, if any. You should concisely introduce the case, identify and discuss the factors that should be considered ethically relevant to the case.
2. An analysis: a thorough analysis of the harm of the ethical issues, if any, and whether the harm is justifiable. You should clearly state and defend your position in a way that is logically consistent, indicate both awareness and thoughtful consideration of different viewpoints, which allows the instructor to understand clearly the line of reasoning.
3. A conclusion: If there is a conflict between moral and legal principles, what is the best solution for such a conflict? You should summarize the ethical issues and synthesize these issues into a development of a persuasive resolution.
4. The paper has to be completed on time, free of grammar mistakes, and at least 7 references in APA format.

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