Ethics, Professionalism and Contemporary Issues(Volkswagen car emission cheat issue).

Class Presentation on Ethics in Engineering
A. Discovering that your boss is sexually harassing a coworker in exchange for a promotion
2. Write a two pages’ report on the selected topic of your choice, in clearly defined six or seven paragraphs as follows:
• Abstract
• Your definition of the problem,
• Who does the issue affect,
• What moral and/or ethical values are involved and
• What is your view on this issue
• What action (s) you would take and why?
• References, if any used.
3. Submit this anytime by 5.00pm on 12/07/2015. Write the Group number and names of the members and student numbers.
4. Chose one/two members of the group to make a 3 minute (maximum) class presentation on the last day of the class during the regular class hour. Make this as a professional presentation to a company with a professional audience.

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