Evaluate National and International Policy and Planning Issues in Aviation.

Evaluate National and International Policy and Planning Issues in Aviation


The economic environment of the GCC region is reliant on oil price which continues its downward path. Your assignment is to research and analyze Emirates Airline which is more so reliant on transit passengers and tourism within the country and growth of the region.

You should consider this above scenario on low oil costs and decide what steps the airline should take to minimize and survive the impact.

The scenario should be considered so as to identify the overall potential risk and costs for the region, country and airline and what the potential knock on effects could be, identifying how each element will be interlinked.

Also, consider from the airlines point of view what would be the short term and long term ramifications and propose steps which the company could take to minimize effects.

Strategic Management is all about planning and preparation for the unexpected. You should consider the implications at the international, regional and local level.

Always with adversity comes opportunity, so consider what those opportunities may be and for whom.

Grading Criteria:

Review of the external environment, identifying potential risks and costs for the region, country and businesses. Potential knock on effects which could be caused. Identifying how each element recognized will be interlinked.
(20 marks)

Identify from the airlines point of view what would be the short term and long term ramifications of each scenario.
(20 marks)

Propose steps which the airline company could take to minimize effects of each scenario.
(20 marks)

Consider the implications on both the company and country at the international, regional and local level for each scenario.
(20 marks)

Consider what those opportunities may exist and for whom, surrounding each scenario.
(10 marks)

Introduction, conclusion, proper layout and referencing
(10 marks)

The word count is expected to be approx. 2000 words.


Dear writer, this assignment is supposed to be a continuation of a previous assignment that I have written. Consider this assignment to be \’Part 2\’. You will need to refer to the old assignment in some parts of this assignment (especially when evaluating how oil prices will impact PESTE factors). So I will be attaching \’Assignment 1\’ in the Customers Area.

Also, my lecturer gave me a format sheet that I will also attach in the Customers Area under the name \’format sheet\’. Please write the assignment in that format.
Instruction files

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Dear writer, unfortunately, I\’m not satisfied with the work. The instructions were poorly followed. And multiple key instructions were ignored all together. Also, the work is not done in the format I clearly specified. The document has to be written in that format.

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