Evaluate the explanatory power of sub cultural theory on Internet fraud.

Sub cultural Theory
Evaluate the explanatory power of sub cultural theory on Internet fraud.
Describe the role of technology in the expansion of deviant subcultures
Outline and evaluate the relationship of technology to the growth of deviant subcultures.

Read the following article and evaluate it according to the appropriate format.

1.Examining the Role of Technology in the Formation of Deviant Subcultures (Textbook: (195-200 and 213-224)

Empirical Research Article

If you choose an empirical research article to evaluate, you should the following format:

1.What question(s), if any, was the research trying to answer? (10 points)

2.Briefly describe the research design (e.g., experiment vs. survey vs. interview vs. data collected from existing records? (40 points)
What were the hypotheses, if any?
What were the variables being studied?
How were they operationalized?
What kind of sampling was used and was it a representative sample or a biased sample?

3.What were the major findings? (10 points)

4.What conclusions did the author(s) draw from the study? How did the author(s) support the conclusions? (20 points)

5.What, if any, were weaknesses of the study? (10 points)

6.Last, what was (were) the theoretical basis(ses) for the study (that is, within what criminological, sociological, psychological, philosophical, anthropological or economic theory or theories would this study fit)? (10 points)

Total Maximum Points: 100
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