Evaluate the strength of the evidence/data used etc.).

Go to http://campus.nsvrc.org/ ( Username; odell9/ password; qwerty1) and take \” The Brain, Body, and Trauma\” under NSVRC .
a minimum of THREE FULL paragraphs, which are posted to the discussion group in blackboard. Posts are a critique of/reflection about the reading(s) (and sometimes readings and a film). Each paragraph should be carefully crafted to include a topic sentence, at least one sentence with evidence to support/expand on the topic, and a concluding or transition sentence. The post should be thoughtful and focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the readings (explaining why they are helpful, informative, or uninformative. Evaluate the strength of the evidence/data used etc.). What are the assumptions the author makes in order support their argument? How would different assumptions change the argument? How each reading relates to a development strategy, theoretical concept or other issues that have been examined in earlier readings and media? Analyze the critical questions that are raised (in terms of theory, policy, or your own experience) and other issues you feel are important. DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE READINGS/FILMS.

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