Evaluate what you have learned about the company in terms of diversity, comparing it against the criteria you established.

Diversity Audit/Research

Prepare a 4 page paper which explains your findings in detail. The paper should be free from spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure you cite all written web sources, journal articles and interviews in a bibliography, and contain exhibits, such as copies of the organizational value statements or company newsletters, if appropriate.

To summarize, your report should detail the strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s diversity initiatives. List the criteria (one page), provide some company background/history (one page), evaluate the organization’s efforts in terms of diversity, and make recommendations for improvement. Findings should include: The criteria you used for managing diversity in an organization. You can use secondary research to assist you. If you performed an audit of an organization in which you work or have worked: Indicate who authorized the audit (a manager or a human resource leader). Identify the people you interviewed, their function(s) and level(s) (i.e. levels: VP, manager, supervisor, and functions: human resources, training, operations).

If you performed research on one of the top 10 companies identified by DiversityInc as a company that demonstrates the business case for diversity, include a literature review of your research on that company. The literature review should include sources from scholarly and professional journals describing the performance of the organization as it relates to diversity, in addition to the organization’s website that you are researching. The literature review should include a bibliography of sources and a brief paragraph describing the contents of the source.
•Include the list of the thoughtful questions regarding diversity used in the interview/research.
•Indicate whether you toured the company and any copies of the company newsletters, value statements, and so forth. If you are using the DiversityInc firms, include these in your research as well as any websites you visited in your research.
•Evaluate what you have learned about the company in terms of diversity, comparing it against the criteria you established. Be sure to pay attention to subtle cues (i.e. is there evidence that they really do what they say they do). For example, a manager proudly pointed out that his large retail organization hired physically challenged workers. However, they were all assigned to work in the stockroom, where they were never seen by any customers. Or a company who is recognized for their hiring of the disabled, have no disabled employees visible on their website. Feel free to add additional criteria that you did not think of after the interview/visit or research was completed.

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