Evaluation of Existing Security Solution.

you are expected to perform a comprehensive security analysis for a selected
topic. The report should include your security assessment (what is good and what is not
good or can improve) on one of the topics listed below, or the topic that you select (make
sure you talk to me before finalize the topic).
To support your conclusion/claim, you may also add simulation results whenever you see
necessary. You can either work on one of the topics listed in Section 2.3, or if you like, you
can also work on another security related topic. The project may be in one of the following
two areas:
• Theoretical analysis (suitable for individual project): Critique of algorithms or techniques
used in network security, analysis or design of network security protocols, etc.
Your final deliverable will be in the form of a research paper.
• Empirical analysis/simulation: Study the performance of various security measures
under different types of threats/attacks.

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