Exam 1-Question 1

For this assignment, you will need to answer the following essay question in its entirety. Essay question: Are viruses alive or not?
Provide an argument with at least two peer-reviewed sources that support your point of view that viruses are NOT alive.
Instructions: Find one peer-reviewed source that provides evidence for the opposing view and briefly discuss something about this article to discredit it (maybe it is biased/inaccurate/out-of-date/skewed/out-of-context). Use facts and logic vs. opinions to back up your point and provide examples that support your claim.
Since your perspective is that viruses are not alive, you need to prove your side of the argument by comparing the inaccuracies of thinking that viruses are alive. You need to back up your comparisons with examples of facts and logic vs. opinions. You also need to discuss would have to change or be true for you to think that viruses are alive?
Tips/ Notes from my professor: In science, you *never* quote a source. You *always* paraphrase when necessary. You should have no more than 3 or 4 words in a row exactly the same as your source. If you have to count, you\’re probably using your source too closely. Any time you state information or ideas that are not your own or are not common knowledge, you MUST give credit to the source. You must cite EVERY time you use a source, even if that means every sentence in the paragraph (or more) ends in a citation
Consult the \”Rubric\” document to see how my professor is grading the assignment. For citation, consult the \”Citation Examples\” document to see how to format the citation for this assignment. (If you cannot figure out how to format the citations due to it being my professors\’ own way of doing citations, use APA ).

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