Examine and critique the reasoning behind the decision made by the House of Lords.

The House of Lords in Salomon v Salomon & Co Ltd (1897) upheld that the company (Salomon & Co Ltd) was not an agent of Aron Salomon. Answer the following questions with relevant case law and statutory provisions;

a)Examine and critique the reasoning behind the decision made by the House of Lords. (1000 words)
b)Critically consider the exceptions to the principle in Salomon v Salomon &Co Ltd (1897) and the future of piercing the veil of incorporation. (1500 words)

– Highlight house of lords reasoning and identify which lord, attach thoughts and reasons on the decisions carried out (company act) statue.
– ways by which the court treat members of the company the same as the company. (liability matter)
– back up with statues/ other case laws
– analyse case law and summarize, identify principle of corp. personality express own view in conclusion.
– future of piercing the veil. is the exceptional act/statue to retrial the veil
– (press vs persuade case law) revelling the veil

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