Examine fundamental issues or wastes (non-value added activities) often discovered in current processes.

Choose a concept and then find a current event related to it and write about it

-Critical incident
– Pareto chart
-Cause and effect chart
– five whys analysis
-scatter chart
– relations diagram
-matrix diagram
-Is-is not analysis
-Fault tree analysis
Examine fundamental issues or wastes (non-value added activities) often discovered in current processes.
Assess various tools used to analyze and evaluate current process performance.
Explore methods used to collect further information to better formulate future improvement ideas and plans.
Differentiate prevalent process improvement best practices and how to utilize them to eliminate or reduce waste.

Research a current event (i.e. newspaper article or other publication dated within the past 60 days, must be available publically online) that illustrates a concept from this week s lesson. Be sure to use credible sources for this current event.

Each original discussion post must be unique (i.e. different current events on the lesson concepts). Students should place a blank post in the discussion forum that demonstrates the lesson concept and current event in the title of the post early in the week to help reduce risk of repetition (come back to edit the body of the post before the deadline).

Write an essay illustrating the lesson concept and explaining how it connects to your current event. This original post must contain a minimum of 300 words. Students must demonstrate critical thinking by paraphrasing the material into their own words (direct quotes should be used in a limited manner as this does not display critical thinking). All statements in the post that are not general knowledge should be cited to their source. Be sure to clearly relate the current event to the lesson concepts. Students may further synthesize this research relating to personal experiences. All citations should be in APA format with a reference listing at the bottom of the post in APA format (be sure to include a link to the website of your current event in the reference listing).

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